Adult Faith Formation at St. Joseph

FishermanOur Church Council President has long been wanting an Adult Faith Formation program in place at St. Joseph, and we’ve recently begun a series of talks by guest speakers on the first Sunday of the month, mostly for the young parents in a group who call themselves the Fishermen.

The Fishermen group mostly have children in Sunday School, and many of them attended our parish when they themselves were younger. Many of them have been away for a while, but since getting married and starting families, a good number have returned in recent years, and this group and their families represent the long term future of our community.

Anyway, I was honoured to be asked to speak this month, and I had prepared a talk about my experiences in the Korean American Catholic community at large, and my vision for the future of our church and our children’s place in it. But somehow word got out that I was speaking and a surprisingly large number gathered, including many parents of my Confirmation Class students.

So I changed my speech a little at the last minute, to focus more on the faith life of the teenagers and how we could help them by being more dedicated and more pious ourselves as parents, and we had a great meeting.

I still have unused material from my originally intended speech. Maybe I’ll be invited again to speak, and I’ll be able to share again with the Fishermen?

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