After the success of last year‘s Stations of the Cross activity, this year we went bigger! For a long time now, one of our Sunday School teachers has been wanting to have a retreat or an activity that involved all the students, from the youngest in pre-K to those in […]

Stations of the Cross 2017

World class. World class homily (as always, Deacon Dennis). World class music (thank you virtuoso Henry Choi and resident ethnomusicologist Eugene Moon). World class food (you outdid yourselves, Ana Chung and sisters!). World class company (former rectora Angela Kim et al). And the testimonies? I think Fr. Eugene summed it […]

Grand Ultreya 2017

Although I already met her at morning mass on Thursday, today was the day we officially welcomed Sr. Serva to St. Joseph, as we said goodbye to Sr. Mary Agnes. I don’t really have much to say except that that’s my son giving flowers to our outgoing sister…!

Welcome Sr. Serva!

It crossed my mind today that my life at my parish can be divided into three eras, each corresponding to one Sister. My early life there was overseen by Sr. Gemma, who taught me RCIA leading to my baptism (pictured). She was also present for the Sacrament of Matrimony with my […]

Three Sisters

Not a team member this year, I’m afraid. It really is such an immense commitment, to attend all those preparatory meetings in Orange County, and to devote so much time and energy to this very special weekend. I am in awe of every single person who volunteers. So when my St. Joseph […]

Men’s #42 Cursillo

Talk about killing multiple birds with one stone! Firstly, my daughter was randomly assigned Santa Barbara Mission for her school project, probably the only Catholic option at her Christian school, and a great blessing! Secondly, Santa Barbara being my second favourite city in the world, I had been wanting to […]

Old Mission Santa Barbara

Apologies for all the acronyms. This was a meeting of the Korean American Catholic Theological Society, gathered from all over the country at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. We were invited by Fr. Simon Kim, and each of presented our outlines for the chapter we hope to contribute to our next […]

KACTS at SMU Dallas

So a planned intimate brunch with Fr. Eugene turned into a four hour marathon of catching up, discussing our communities, and making crazy plans for the future of our faith. I was so grateful for the time he gave to me – nobody has been a greater spiritual guide in […]

A Message from Fr. Eugene

The FIAT Foundation hosted a paint night fundraiser at Healthy Junk in Anaheim to support our non-profit and to bring the community together. We had a fun night with food, painting, and raffle prizes. This marked the first FIAT event that my entire family was able to attend, and my […]

FIAT Paint Night

To celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, my wife and I took our children to New York. In between all the shopping, eating, museums, galleries, musicals, exhibitions, we celebrated mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue. We thought of our recently retired Fr. Gerry as we enjoyed the beautiful interiors […]

Mass at St. Patrick’s in New York

Just like last year, the youth ministry core team was put in charge of our summer camp, and so I again had this strange feeling not only of freedom, but also a kind of letting go, as the welfare of our church’s youth was entrusted to our counselors, and especially […]

St. Joseph Summer Camp 2016

Congratulations to all these young servants who were honoured today at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Irvine during the FIAT Awards Ceremony. There were awards given for Service Recognition, and there were Scholarships given for those about to go to college, or in college, or at the seminary. It’s […]

FIAT Awards Ceremony 2016

Just wanted to announce that from now on, there will be Eucharistic Adoration at St. Joseph one hour before every weekday mass. Our new priest Fr. Mark will also be available for confessions during this time. Personally, I feel that the time spent in Adoration helps to make Mass that much […]

Daily Eucharistic Adoration

From the book description: Korean American Catholics are celebrating their jubilee after having been officially recognized by the Archdiocese of San Francisco in 1966. This occasion affords the flourishing Korean American Catholic community to take stock of their identity, celebrate this milestone, and prepare for the future. What does it […]

Embracing Our Inheritance

Today was Fr. Gerry’s last Sunday, and we held a small retirement party after each of the three masses, to celebrate 18 years of service and to thank Fr. Gerry for his love for our parish and community all these years. I prepared a photo slideshow of his life, including […]

Goodbye, Fr. Gerry!

Many congratulations to the 24 youth and 7 adults who were confirmed today by the Bishop! For me personally, it has been an amazing two years, serving as Confirmation Director, and watching these high school students grow more confident and demonstrative in their faith. To see them finally make the […]


Today, FIAT celebrates its 19th anniversary since beginning in 1997. Guided by our Blessed mother and the hard work of hundreds, we have been able to impact the lives of thousands in the Korean American Catholic community. Thank you to all our donors, supporters and friends who believe in the […]

Happy 19th Birthday, FIAT!

Just got an email from my friend Grace over at Korean Martyrs Catholic Center in Westminster about a new program they have started for young adults. My youth ministry core team already make the one-hour-plus drive there once a month for their Adoration on the first Friday of every month, […]

Catholic Coffee Hour

The Children and Youth Faith Formation students and parents and leaders gathered today at Northridge Park for a day of mass, barbecue, sports, games, and activities. We were blessed with perfect weather, not too hot and not too windy, and the younger kids had especial fun with a piñata. For […]

CYFF Picnic

This evening all the catechists, lay ministers, youth leaders, and our DRE were treated to a fancy dinner organized by our PTA, and in particular our PTA president Margarita, and our Youth room mom Rita. We had a feast from Porto’s and even goodie bags with treats and gift cards! […]

Catechists Appreciation Dinner

Well the publisher just sent the typeset pages of our forthcoming book, Embracing Our Inheritance: Jubilee Reflections on Korean American Catholics (1966-2016). It was an exciting moment to see the whole thing looking so beautiful, including my name on the inside cover, and the introduction I wrote (and which I […]

Final Proofs for Jubilee Book!

So excited for this year’s Leadership Training Retreat! Not only will this be my third time, but this year I will be Co-Retreat-Director and Co-MC so it’s going to be an even more special experience! In 2014 I was bowled over by the energy and beauty and, yes, practical usefulness […]

FIAT Leadership Training Retreat 2016

So today was our annual Teaching Touching Safety class, part of a program to prevent child sexual abuse and to ensure the safety of our youth. This, as always, was led by our VIRTUS certified instructor, Angela. Today’s focus was on online behaviour, specifically being careful with the information that […]

School / Employer vs Church

This Palm Sunday, the Confirmation students and I had a very special Stations of the Cross using art that they themselves painted. For the past two weeks, Youth Leader and resident artist Eugene Moon supervised the students’ painting of each of the 14 Stations, guiding them on both technique and […]

Stations of the Cross

Many congratulations to the FIAT Foundation‘s new President Walter Jin, elected by our Board of Directors! Walter is truly an excellent choice, with amazing leadership and organizational experience. I was lucky enough to spend some time with him today and I was again so impressed with his intelligence and faith […]

New FIAT President Walter Jin

Our Church Council President has long been wanting an Adult Faith Formation program in place at St. Joseph, and we’ve recently begun a series of talks by guest speakers on the first Sunday of the month, mostly for the young parents in a group who call themselves the Fishermen. The […]

Adult Faith Formation at St. Joseph

I wasn’t asked to speak at this year’s Grand Ultreya like I was last year, but instead I had the honour of playing the cello at the mass that kicked off the proceedings. We were treated to heartfelt and moving witness talks by Sebastian Cho (get out the Kleenex!) and […]

Grand Ultreya 2016

It’s been a few years now since I’ve been serving at the altar at Thursday morning mass at St. Joseph. There are a couple of reasons why. First, I started because I made a rather overreaching promise to attend more than one mass a week. And as usually happens in […]

Why I Serve at the Altar

Just wanted to share this cute collage I made of pictures from the past three years of KCYD. Thank you to the FIAT Foundation for always having us start the new year with a bang, thank you to all the leaders who always come through each year, and thank you […]

Three Years of KCYD

Almost 400 young people gathered at Christ Cathedral in Orange County to start off the new year in the right way, at Korean American Catholic Youth Day. To reinforce Pope Francis’ message of becoming the church of mercy, in this year of mercy that began officially on December 8, 2015, […]


We were overwhelmed by the support we received on our first ever Giving Tuesday! We gained 83 NEW donors, and raised over $10,000 to help empower the Korean American Catholic community. I especially enjoyed the final flurry of selfies that started appearing on Facebook in the evening. Here’s a little collage […]

Thank You For Your Support!

We made the front page of the Korean Catholic Newspaper The Peace Times! (We that attended the conference in Chicago, that is.) Hang on, it looks like they used the photo that was taken with my phone! Without the Instagram filter. I wonder how that happened?

The Peace Times Front Page

Another year, another bazaar, that annual fundraising event filled with items for sale, food and wine to consume, and a talent show to enjoy. A few of the highlights. The silent auction featured a couple of paintings painted by Fr. Gerry himself, which alone raised thousands of dollars. Among the […]

Church Bazaar 2015

Here’s what I really like about Facebook: it’s not just about my own interactions with people – it allows me to watch over interactions between other people (perfect for snoopers like me!). For example, I can see friendships that were made during Fortes in Fide really blossoming as they interact […]

Fellowship: Heaven on Earth

While talking to the young adults at the Fortes in Fide retreat yesterday, it crossed my mind that there was a lot of stuff that my Confirmation Class might benefit from hearing, so today, I gave them a PG-13 version of my keynote. After I was done, there were 20 […]

An Unplanned Witness Talk

All our church’s catechists were called up to the altar today where we were blessed. Three things moved me about this event. The first was that there were so many of us (including my wife, yay!). The second was that this happened on my actual birthday, which made it extra […]

Catechetical Sunday

This year’s Grand Ultreya came hot on the heels of a meeting just a few weeks ago for newly elected parish representatives, and it was great to see this movement becoming more organized, hopefully so that we can reach out to younger members to be future retreat attendees. With Fr. Eugene […]

Grand Ultreya 2015

We are embarking on a special project, where our church’s high school students will be interviewing the senior members of our church, and writing up their stories about when they first came to America, when they first came to our church, and how things have changed over the years. We […]

Fr. Simon’s Special Video Message

After a long summer, Confirmation Class is finally back! It was great to see all the kids again, and beautiful to see how much they had bonded after their summer camp and other activities such as ice skating, all organized by our amazing youth leaders. This second and final year […]

Back to School

A few quick thoughts about the FIAT Scholarship Award Ceremony this past Saturday, July 11, 2015. It was a truly beautiful thing to see so many young servants of God gathered in one place. There was a special kind of energy brought by these Korean American Catholic youth and young […]

FIAT Awards Ceremony 2015

It’s a strange feeling, leaving everybody behind at camp and driving away to spend the holiday weekend with my actual family. This is the beginning of a new era! One where camp coordinator Raymond, the youth ministry team, and all the counselors and floaters have full responsibility for our high […]

St. Joseph Summer Camp 2015

  Congratulations to St. Joseph members Raymond Yoo and Serapia Kim for being awarded FIAT Scholarships, and Carolyn Yu and Jisoo Kim for being offered FIAT Service Recognition Awards! These four from our church have exemplified the spirit of service that FIAT strives to promote, and are very deserving of recognition! […]

FIAT Scholarships and Service Recognition Awards

I’m finding out new things every day, discovering a world of support out there – it’s miraculous! It was while researching Vacation Bible Schools for my children, and being interested in sending them to the one at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, because it’s close to my house, that I […]

San Fernando Pastoral Region

I was very honoured to be asked to join the Board of Directors of the FIAT Foundation, and my response was an unequivocal YES! (cf. my rule) Ever since I attended my first Korean Catholic Youth Day, I have been so impressed with FIAT’s faith, passion, influence, and professionalism. I […]

FIAT Foundation Board of Directors

You know my rule already, right? This is the one I’d been waiting for. I’ve been wanting to help plan this retreat ever since I attended the one last year. But as we were approaching the summer, I hadn’t heard anything from Frances. Just the other day, while waiting for […]

LTR2015 Planning Team

When I started as Youth Ministry Coordinator, our DRE basically foisted these gentlemen upon me, telling me that she had convinced each one to apply for a youth leadership role, and had given it to whoever had applied, with not much consideration as to whether they were qualified or not. […]

St. Joseph Youth Counselors

So this book came out yesterday, and I started reading it in the evening, and finished it in the early hours of the morning, it was so inspiring and so exciting. It’s a book based on the letters written by two penpal teenagers, one a well-off middle class girl in […]

I Will Always Write Back: Book Review

Coach Raymond chose the colour scheme, something about this being the same as the alternate jersey for his team (Cavaliers? I don’t know – I wasn’t really paying attention). I tried to place my dove somewhere on it, but it didn’t really work, so I made do with our church […]

High School Basketball Team Jerseys

Bigger, better, and faster. And I’m just talking about my own children! Yes, another day of working hard, filling bags with food to  be shipped to hungry children both near and far. One of the highlights of these days is when we actually cook some of the packets so that […]

Kids Against Hunger 2015

Back to Servite High School for the second year running, to celebrate the new year with fellow Korean American Catholic Youth! This year our group got more involved, some were even part of the body worship team (we practiced the moves at the winter retreat), and they were able to […]


So while I was being an absent father at KCYD, my wife and children went to Color Me Mine and made coasters. Each coaster’s picture is meant to represent that person’s personality, or likes, or whatever. I just thought it was so sweet and funny what they made for mine.

Color Me Mine Coasters

One of my rules is, if Frances (Park, Executive Director of FIAT) asks, just say yes. I’ve also remarked that the FIAT Foundation has such an apt name, because “Fiat” is what the Blessed Mary replied when the angel asked her to be the mother of God – “Let it […]

KCYD2015 Planning Team

Four of the Youth Counselors who work with me at St. Joseph (plus many friends) just got back from the Fortes in Fide Young Adult Retreat and had a blessed time. It’s just amazing to see these young people following Jesus’ calling and spending the time to enrich their own faith lives, […]

Fortes in Fide Young Adult Retreat 2014

It took a long time to get together with the leaders and to split our Confirmation candidates into four groups of roughly equal ability, intellect, personality, etc. We wanted to do this not only for our classes but also for our upcoming retreat. We had previously told students that we […]

Confirmation Class Groups

After’s last year’s minimalist design, this year I went for something completely different. Last year I only had a few pictures for inspiration. This year, I had the hundreds of photos (actually, precisely 1,269 photos)  taken during last year’s bazaar. So I went for a collage.

Advertising Church Bazaar 2014

This was our first time at this event, and it was great! Our daughter worked tirelessly, and became quite expert at cupping and pouring the right amount of rice into the packet! Our son, predictably, got tired, but became somewhat expert at sticking stickers. You can check out photos from […]

Kids Against Hunger 2014

This year our church decided to start a scholarship program to award students who are going off to college, specifically those who have shown a high level of commitment to our community. I was honoured to be asked to be on the committee, and we met several times to decide […]

St. Joseph Scholarship Committee

Yesterday, on Saturday, November 16, many people (including our youth) gathered at our church to make food packages for poor children, and today was a good opportunity to reflect on poverty around the world and what it means to be a victim of poverty. We talked about the “Report Card […]

Youth Faith Formation 9: Poverty

Thank you to Sanctus for taking all the Youth Faith Formation out for a picnic! While at the park, lucky observers were able to witness an ancient Korean mating ritual, where a ball is placed high in a tree and the males take turns to try to retrieve the ball, […]

Youth Faith Formation Picnic

We know that one of the ten commandments commands us to have no other gods beside our God, and not to make ourselves idols or likenesses to worship. We discussed exactly how the Israelites must have felt when their leader, Moses, had been away for so long, and their God […]

Youth Faith Formation 7: Idols

Looks like word’s got out that I dabble in logo design! Sanctus is a group of parents at our church, who started as a singing group many years ago when their children were in Sunday School and they wanted to do something together while their kids were in class. Since […]

Sanctus Logo

Our curriculum begins in earnest next Sunday, September 29. We hope to create a special prayer, co-written by every member of Youth Faith Formation, that we can recite at the beginning of every class. So today we talked about what prayer means to us, what a prayer should be, and […]

Youth Faith Formation 2: Prayer