Coach Raymond chose the colour scheme, something about this being the same as the alternate jersey for his team (Cavaliers? I don’t know – I wasn’t really paying attention). I tried to place my dove somewhere on it, but it didn’t really work, so I made do with our church […]

High School Basketball Team Jerseys

So while I was being an absent father at KCYD, my wife and children went to Color Me Mine and made coasters. Each coaster’s picture is meant to represent that person’s personality, or likes, or whatever. I just thought it was so sweet and funny what they made for mine.

Color Me Mine Coasters

It took a long time to get together with the leaders and to split our Confirmation candidates into four groups of roughly equal ability, intellect, personality, etc. We wanted to do this not only for our classes but also for our upcoming retreat. We had previously told students that we […]

Confirmation Class Groups

After’s last year’s minimalist design, this year I went for something completely different. Last year I only had a few pictures for inspiration. This year, I had the hundreds of photos (actually, precisely 1,269 photos)  taken during last year’s bazaar. So I went for a collage.

Advertising Church Bazaar 2014

Looks like word’s got out that I dabble in logo design! Sanctus is a group of parents at our church, who started as a singing group many years ago when their children were in Sunday School and they wanted to do something together while their kids were in class. Since […]

Sanctus Logo