It crossed my mind today that my life at my parish can be divided into three eras, each corresponding¬†to one Sister. My early life there was overseen by Sr. Gemma, who taught me RCIA leading to my baptism (pictured). She was also present for the Sacrament of Matrimony with my […]

Three Sisters

Talk about killing multiple birds with one stone! Firstly, my daughter was randomly assigned Santa Barbara Mission for her school project, probably the only Catholic option at her Christian school, and a great blessing! Secondly, Santa Barbara being my second favourite city in the world, I had been wanting to […]

Old Mission Santa Barbara

To celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, my wife and I took our children to New York. In between all the shopping, eating, museums, galleries, musicals, exhibitions, we celebrated mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue. We thought of our recently retired Fr. Gerry as we enjoyed the beautiful interiors […]

Mass at St. Patrick’s in New York

It’s been a few years now since I’ve been serving at the altar at Thursday morning mass at St. Joseph. There are a couple of reasons why. First, I started because I made a rather overreaching promise to attend more than one mass a week. And as usually happens in […]

Why I Serve at the Altar

Another year, another bazaar, that annual fundraising event filled with items for sale, food and wine to consume, and a talent show to enjoy. A few of the highlights. The silent auction featured a couple of paintings painted by Fr. Gerry himself, which alone raised thousands of dollars. Among the […]

Church Bazaar 2015

Bigger, better, and faster. And I’m just talking about my own children! Yes, another day of working hard, filling bags with food to ¬†be shipped to hungry children both near and far. One of the highlights of these days is when we actually cook some of the packets so that […]

Kids Against Hunger 2015

So while I was being an absent father at KCYD, my wife and children went to Color Me Mine and made coasters. Each coaster’s picture is meant to represent that person’s personality, or likes, or whatever. I just thought it was so sweet and funny what they made for mine.

Color Me Mine Coasters

This was our first time at this event, and it was great! Our daughter worked tirelessly, and became quite expert at cupping and pouring the right amount of rice into the packet! Our son, predictably, got tired, but became somewhat expert at sticking stickers. You can check out photos from […]

Kids Against Hunger 2014

One of the joys of coming back home after spending several days away at retreat must be receiving gifts like these. My five-year-old daughter drew this. And if you’ve been on the Cursillo retreat, you’ll know the significance of the rainbow colours, and you’ll marvel at the coincidence. Or the […]

Retreat Homecoming Gifts