I’m finding out new things every day, discovering a world of support out there – it’s miraculous! It was while researching Vacation Bible Schools for my children, and being interested in sending them to the one at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, because it’s close to my house, that I […]

San Fernando Pastoral Region

You know my rule already, right? This is the one I’d been waiting for. I’ve been wanting to help plan this retreat ever since I attended the one last year. But as we were approaching the summer, I hadn’t heard anything from Frances. Just the other day, while waiting for […]

LTR2015 Planning Team

When I started as Youth Ministry Coordinator, our DRE basically foisted these gentlemen upon me, telling me that she had convinced each one to apply for a youth leadership role, and had given it to whoever had applied, with not much consideration as to whether they were qualified or not. […]

St. Joseph Youth Counselors

One of my rules is, if Frances (Park, Executive Director of FIAT) asks, just say yes. I’ve also remarked that the FIAT Foundation has such an apt name, because “Fiat” is what the Blessed Mary replied when the angel asked her to be the mother of God – “Let it […]

KCYD2015 Planning Team

This year our church decided to start a scholarship program to award students who are going off to college, specifically those who have shown a high level of commitment to our community. I was honoured to be asked to be on the committee, and we met several times to decide […]

St. Joseph Scholarship Committee