Not a team member this year, I’m afraid. It really is such an immense commitment, to attend all those preparatory meetings in Orange County, and to devote so much time and energy to this very special weekend. I am in awe of every single person who volunteers. So when my St. Joseph […]

Men’s #42 Cursillo

Just like last year, the youth ministry core team was put in charge of our summer camp, and so I again had this strange feeling not only of freedom, but also a kind of letting go, as the welfare of our church’s youth was entrusted to our counselors, and especially […]

St. Joseph Summer Camp 2016

So excited for this year’s Leadership Training Retreat! Not only will this be my third time, but this year I will be Co-Retreat-Director and Co-MC so it’s going to be an even more special experience! In 2014 I was bowled over by the energy and beauty and, yes, practical usefulness […]

FIAT Leadership Training Retreat 2016

While talking to the young adults at the Fortes in Fide retreat yesterday, it crossed my mind that there was a lot of stuff that my Confirmation Class might benefit from hearing, so today, I gave them a PG-13 version of my keynote. After I was done, there were 20 […]

An Unplanned Witness Talk

It’s a strange feeling, leaving everybody behind at camp and driving away to spend the holiday weekend with my actual family. This is the beginning of a new era! One where camp coordinator Raymond, the youth ministry team, and all the counselors and floaters have full responsibility for our high […]

St. Joseph Summer Camp 2015

You know my rule already, right? This is the one I’d been waiting for. I’ve been wanting to help plan this retreat ever since I attended the one last year. But as we were approaching the summer, I hadn’t heard anything from Frances. Just the other day, while waiting for […]

LTR2015 Planning Team

Four of the Youth Counselors who work with me at St. Joseph (plus many friends) just got back from the Fortes in Fide Young Adult Retreat and had a blessed time. It’s just amazing to see these young people following Jesus’ calling and spending the time to enrich their own faith lives, […]

Fortes in Fide Young Adult Retreat 2014

One of the joys of coming back home after spending several days away at retreat must be receiving gifts like these. My five-year-old daughter drew this. And if you’ve been on the Cursillo retreat, you’ll know the significance of the rainbow colours, and you’ll marvel at the coincidence. Or the […]

Retreat Homecoming Gifts