Catholic Coffee Hour

CH Ricky ManaloJust got an email from my friend Grace over at Korean Martyrs Catholic Center in Westminster about a new program they have started for young adults.

My youth ministry core team already make the one-hour-plus drive there once a month for their Adoration on the first Friday of every month, and they make the also-one-hour-plus drive to St. Raphael Korean Catholic Center on Tuesdays to participate in the young adult program started by my nephew Edmond there, so there is an obviously a need for young adult programming.

What makes this series of events unique, though, is that they plan to have communities participate live via the internet, in order to learn more about their faith in an interactive way. This means no one-hour-plus drives into Orange County! Unfortunately, I have a prior engagement during this first one on June 12, but I’ll definitely link up from my church for the next one on July 10, when Fr. Simon talks about the Jubilee, celebrating 50 years of the Korean American Catholic community!

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