Church Bazaar 2015 1

IMG_8392(1024x683)Another year, another bazaar, that annual fundraising event filled with items for sale, food and wine to consume, and a talent show to enjoy.

A few of the highlights. The silent auction featured a couple of paintings painted by Fr. Gerry himself, which alone raised thousands of dollars. Among the food and wine were my favourite (pig’s feet and makkeoli). And among the talent were singers, dancers, and even young performers on the kayageum and traditional Korean drums.

As for me, this year we were given the honour of kicking off the proceedings, which we did with three songs, with my daughter on vocals and guitar, my son on drums, my nephew on keyboards, and me on the cello. We performed Katy Perry’s Roar, Taylor Swift’s Back to December, and California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and the Papas.

The band and I had underestimated how raucous Korean ajummas could get, as they acted like crazy fans and screamed, especially every time we hit the big electric guitar chord at the beginning of the chorus to Roar (“I’ve got the eye of the TI-ger!”) – they were so loud, in fact, that we couldn’t hear ourselves play and had to stop in the middle of the song a few times. Not that they really noticed!

Here are some pictures taken by Mary Han.

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