IMG4118Many congratulations to the 24 youth and 7 adults who were confirmed today by the Bishop!

For me personally, it has been an amazing two years, serving as Confirmation Director, and watching these high school students grow more confident and demonstrative in their faith. To see them finally make the pledge and to be accepted as full members of our church was a moving moment, and I thank not only them, their parents, our church leaders, and Fr. Gerry, but of course our Father in heaven who always guides us and waits for us and welcomes us.

It’s very remiss of me not to have a group photo of our confirmands, and for that I apologize. My only excuse is that our Bishop is quite particular in the recording of media, and only allows official photos taken by an official photographer, with only the confirmand and sponsor, and in the desire to accede to his wishes, we completely forgot to take a group shot for ourselves! The above photo was taken during the lunch banquet after the ceremony, and it’s the only one in the whole day that I am in!

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