Confirmation Winter Retreat 2014 1

IMG_0548On Sunday evening, twenty-four Confirmation Candidates and twelve youth leaders (and me) met at church for dinner with family and friends, and then left for the Holy Spirit Retreat Center in Encino.

For two nights and two days, we took part in group activities, sang our hearts out, learned about prayer, scripture, the sacraments, and (aptly) the work of the Holy Spirit, and not only came together as a group but offered ourselves up to Jesus’ mission for us. We were honoured and blessed to welcome very special guests, Fr. Eugene Lee and my seminarian friend Brian Kim, who gave uplifting talks and presided over a truly beautiful Eucharistic Adoration where hearts were opened and tears were shed. On the last night, after the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we stayed up together eating and talking, some of us taking the opportunity to resolve some burning issues with the help of Frs. Gerry and Eugene who stayed far beyond their┬áscheduled time. On the final morning, we celebrated mass together, took photos together, and said our farewells with sad hearts but renewed souls.

Thank you again to all the parents for their love and support and prayers, to all our youth leaders who gave up three days of their time to help out, and once again to our very special guests who inspire and guide us. And a final thank you once again to Cecilia Lee for organizing the Church Concert, the proceeds from which ensured that we all enjoyed the retreat at no cost to us!

Feel free to browse through 576 photos HERE.

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