Cursillo Mini Retreat 2016

What a good idea!

In the first of what we hope will me many such events, this was a mini 2-day retreat for Cursillistas, to refresh our learning and to be a part of the fourth day that we are living after having attended the Cursillo Retreat.

It was so great to see old friends again, to be able to spend a more relaxed time with some of our fellow team members (we hardly had such time during the actual retreat as we were working so hard for the candidates), and to recollect our mission and our faith.

I was honoured to be asked to make a keynote speech, and I spoke about how we can emphasize all that we have learned as a community of believers and especially as Cursillistas into not only our every lives, but into the lives of others. Thank you to our Retreat Leader Henry Choi for his invitation and for all his hard work in making this retreat such a success and such a blessed time, and thank you as always to Fr. Eugene for being such an energetic, devoted, and loving shepherd to this very special family.

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