Cursillo Retreat Reflection 3

130609 CursilloFirst of all, a big thank you to my godparents (that’s my godmother, pictured) for sponsoring me to attend this blessed retreat! I had an amazing three days of learning, inspiration, and fellowship! Thank you also to all the dedicated volunteers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to guide the attendees through the program. And finally, Frs. Brian and Eugene, and rector Peter Suh, for their love and wisdom!

But the greatest thing I think I’ll take away from this retreat is the real sense of brotherhood it engendered between us, and the sense of wider community within our Catholic faith. We were awed by the prayers and blessings sent to us from all over the world, we were honoured to become a part of a very special┬ámovement, and we look forward to continuing His work by taking back what we learned into the world. De Colores!

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