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PICKWICK_TemplateFrom the book description:

Korean American Catholics are celebrating their jubilee after having been officially recognized by the Archdiocese of San Francisco in 1966. This occasion affords the flourishing Korean American Catholic community to take stock of their identity, celebrate this milestone, and prepare for the future. What does it mean to be a Korean American Catholic? What are their particular challenges and hopes? The works contained in this book, articles written by leading Korean American scholars, theologians, and priests, serve to answer those questions and pose new ones, and lay down a marker that will surely one day be recognized as another significant one in the history of this growing voice in the United States religious landscape.

It’s very exciting that this book has been published in time for us to celebrate our jubilee year as Korean American Catholics. I’d like to congratulate all the amazing contributors, and I’d like to thank Fr. Simon for inviting me to co-edit this inspiring and important book.

(You’ll remember that this whole thing began with my attendance at the Korean American Catholic Forum back in March of 2015, through the Chicago conference in November of 2015, and now finally here we are. What a journey it has been!)

The book is available direct from the publisher HERE, and also at Amazon.

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