Farewell Dinner for Bishop Wilkerson

IMG_4360A few weeks ago, during mass, my daughter shot me an inquiring look during the Eucharistic prayer when Fr. Gerry asked the Lord to remember His Church spread throughout the world, “together with Francis our Pope, our Bishops José and Joseph…”

It was the first time in her life that the words hadn’t been “Bishops José and Gerald.” I must admit it was strange for me, too.

For our Bishop Gerald Wilkerson retired last year, after just under twenty years of serving in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. And tonight, Solomon and Monica Ryoo hosted a dinner party at their lovely home to honour Bishop Wilkerson’s service, and especially his love for our Korean American community. We enjoyed delicious food and wine, mingled with some of the parishioners at our church who have been especially generous and active over the years, and even managed to squeeze in a mini-concert!

Thank you Emmanuel Noah for accompanying me so beautifully, thank you to our gracious hosts, and thank you to everyone who came to say farewell to our Bishop!

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