Fellowship: Heaven on Earth

EventsHere’s what I really like about Facebook: it’s not just about my own interactions with people – it allows me to watch over interactions between other people (perfect for snoopers like me!). For example, I can see friendships that were made during Fortes in Fide really blossoming as they interact online. Friendships that span cities and transcend personalities, across parishes and ages and genders.

Someone organized a trip to Disneyland. Someone organized a hike (and I was so proud to see one of St. Joseph‘s youth leaders eagerly (actually, not so eagerly, but gamely) hop on board!). There are invites to church events, and promises to hold reunions. It’s enough to give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

To change the topic a little for a moment. I never really understood people who say that they believe in God because they want to live forever. As if heaven is a reward for a good life on earth. As if it’s a deal we make with God. I always believed that we were created in order to know and to love God, and to do His will, here and now.

I always believed that this life we have on earth could be heavenly. That the afterlife was just a continuation. That death is not a barrier. That we have nothing to fear from death or the afterlife.

And when I see these friendships, the fellowship that has been created in God’s name, it makes me think that these young adults have found a little bit of heaven on earth, that His kingdom is come, and His will is being done. On earth as it is in heaven.

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