FIAT Board of Directors Day of Recollection

IMG_4463The Holy Spirit truly moves in these moments where FIAT‘s group of amazing, talented, and dedicated Board of Directors gathers in order to “collect” ourselves, to “recollect” our mission, and to become a “recollection” of soldiers for Christ.

Every single member of of the Board took time out of our busy personal and work lives to spend two days and one night at St. Joseph’s Salesian Youth Renewal Retreat Center where we rented out the cozy Novitiate House for meetings, discussions, and mass at the smallest and cutest chapel I’ve ever worshipped in (pictured). Frs. Alex and Simon guided us in their vision for the future not only of the FIAT Foundation, but the Korean American Catholic community as a whole, and our individual place in it.

I was inspired to be able to spend such a blessed time with my fellow servants, and we left with a renewed energy and enthusiasm to contribute to the vibrant life of Korean American Catholics everywhere.

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