FIAT Leadership Training Retreat 2014: Reflection 1 3

In the same way that the Cursillo retreat is the ultimate retreat to re-energize your faith, the Leadership Training Retreat is the ultimate retreat for parish leaders. From the first moment Frances tells you that you are here to be recognized for your efforts, to be congratulated for your successes, commiserated for any shortcomings, and to be completely spoiled with great food, great company, and great training, the tone is set.

This is a high quality operation, with slick presentations, inspiring priests and seminarians guiding us, amazing music from the most talented performers from several parishes, and more. The binders are bursting with truly helpful information, the snacks are continuous and high quality, and I could just go on.

For me, one of the highlights was the Eucharistic adoration, which was intimate and grand at the same time, with beautiful and soothing music, and the presence not only of Fr. Alex but quite a number of priests I hadn’t seen before, all to welcome and bless us. One other highlight was the connections we were able to make with other leaders in other parishes. We have so much in common, and I am sure we will be a strength to each other in the years ahead.

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