Fortes in Fide Young Adult Retreat 2015 4

IMG_3741A part of me felt bad for our young adults from St. Joseph who had probably been looking forward to a weekend far away from me, only to find that I would be there doing a keynote…! No matter, I was only there for half a day, and my talk on “Receiving God’s Mercy” was less than an hour long. And yes, it turns out they were very proud of me!

I only knew about the Fortes in Fide retreat because several of our church members went last year and had an amazing time, so I was very honoured to be asked to speak this year. I got such a sweet request from retreat coordinator Nicolette Lea, that I couldn’t say no, plus the fact that she shares the same baptismal name as my daughter (French saint Colette de Corbie) didn’t hurt! Over lunch with Fr. Eugene, he told me to feel free to “jazz up” my talk, but after Nicolette sent me photos of the beautiful chapel where I was to speak (yes, she’s that organized!) I decided to keep it real and keep it simple.

I talked about what it means to be an adult with a mature faith. I talked about how our lives sometimes prevent us from achieving our potential, and how surrendering ourselves to God and gratefully receiving his mercy is the first step on the way to excellence, excellence in faith, and the kind of holiness we should be aiming for. I mentioned Pope Francis’ invitation to take part in this very special Year of Mercy and how, together with our community of believers, we can become true followers of Christ.

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4 thoughts on “Fortes in Fide Young Adult Retreat 2015

  • Alice

    Thank you, oppa, for taking your time out to drive out to the Abbey and spend some of your personal time with us young adults. For me, personally, I feel most inspired when I see unnie/oppas who are still strong in their faith. It gives me a little glimpse at what life in faith might be like for me, come a few years. I am always amazed at how much of a giver you are to the Korean Catholic community. It is surely people like you who help others take one more step in reaching new milestones on their own faith journeys. I am always excited to be in your presence and learn fro you. Thank you thank you!

    • franciskim Post author

      Alice, what an unbelievably sweet and generous thing to say! I’ve found that each stage of our faith formation is unique and precious and challenging in its own way, and I was truly moved to see such a group of young adults who had made a commitment to deepen their relationship with God. What I do know is that if you give, it shall be given unto you, and I know that my children and my children’s children will one day learn so much in turn from people like you!