A Message from Fr. Eugene 1

So a planned intimate brunch with Fr. Eugene turned into a four hour marathon of catching up, discussing our communities, and making crazy plans for the future of our faith. I was so grateful for the time he gave to me – nobody has been a greater spiritual guide in my life save for my uncle, and Fr. Gerry. But I also had an ulterior motive. I wanted to shoot a video of him making a personal invitation to a group at my church, a group that calls themselves the Fishermen, a group that consists of parents mostly of young children, who have come back to our church after being away for a while, and who are the future of our church. I wanted Fr. Eugene to personally invite them to the Cursillo weekend, because I had this idea that they needed this, and that it would benefit them greatly in their faith lives.

Not only was Fr. Eugene gracious enough to do this with very little planning, but I was able to get this video shown at one of the Fishermen’s Group meetings, and we’ll now wait and see how many sign up!

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