Fr. Simon’s Special Video Message 1

We are embarking on a special project, where our church’s high school students will be interviewing the senior members of our church, and writing up their stories about when they first came to America, when they first came to our church, and how things have changed over the years. We will then collect all the essays and hopefully produce a little book containing the history of our parish. This is an idea that came to me during the Korean American Catholic Forum, and Fr. Simon has been a great supporter of this project. To that end, he recorded this special video message for our Confirmation Class, and the students loved it!

For me, I especially loved how Fr. Simon gave a shout out to our youth leaders who have been so great about participating in retreats, and how he used this week’s Gospel reading about “Who do people say that I am?” into his message about uncovering our heritage. Thank you again, Fr. Simon!

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