Grand Ultreya 2017

World class.

World class homily (as always, Deacon Dennis). World class music (thank you virtuoso Henry Choi and resident ethnomusicologist Eugene Moon). World class food (you outdid yourselves, Ana Chung and sisters!). World class company (former rectora Angela Kim et al). And the testimonies?

I think Fr. Eugene summed it up the best when he gave special mention to the poetry of Jeane Yoon’s words, followed by John Myung who captivated us with a narrative that was both profoundly moving and hilariously funny. And a very special mention to Jinah Chung who showed us once again what full commitment looks like when it’s done right.

Add to the mix the leadership of present rectora and rector Ann Rhee and Joseph Yi, and you have an evening which was, across the board, world class!

[photo credit, world class photographer Dennis Shin]

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