KCYD2015 Planning Team 2

10712370_10152361077276433_4581525053919553210_oOne of my rules is, if Frances (Park, Executive Director of FIAT) asks, just say yes. I’ve also remarked that the FIAT Foundation has such an apt name, because “Fiat” is what the Blessed Mary replied when the angel asked her to be the mother of God – “Let it be done according to thy will.”

So yes, Frances asked me to be on the planning team for 2015’s Korean Catholic Youth Day, and I said yes.

Anyway, it was great to be in a meeting with so many familiar faces, so many like minds, and so many leaders whose hard work I’ve admired from afar. I am blessed to be counted among this group!

This year, we’re going to try to implement some ideas to involve more of the youth from different parishes and get them up on stage, and we’re also going to have some breakout sessions by grade, so that the youth can do an activity and have a lesson on something specific to what they’re going through.

Exciting times.

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