LTR2015 Planning Team 2

11187254_10152703222186433_6418791294852614461_oYou know my rule already, right?

This is the one I’d been waiting for. I’ve been wanting to help plan this retreat ever since I attended the one last year. But as we were approaching the summer, I hadn’t heard anything from Frances. Just the other day, while waiting for something or other in a parking lot with my wife, I said to her, “Do you think I offended Frances in some way?” I was racking my brain for something I might have said, or done. Maybe our high school basketball team (and Nathan in particular!) was too physical against St. Thomas?! Maybe some of my comments in feedback forms for previous FIAT events were a little on the negative side?!

Well, it turns out I needn’t have worried. I got the call. And today, I was happy to make the drive to KMCC to have a meeting with the other wonderful members of this planning team, plus the as ever amazing Fr. Eugene, and my excellent friend Cheeyoon. I am so excited about this year’s retreat, and even more so because instead of being the only one from St. Joseph like I was last year, this year I’m sending five of my guys, and they’re going to have an amazing time.

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