Lesson Plan: Gospel Reading Montage

Here’s a great lesson idea if you’ve run out of time before your class, but you have a lot of time after the class! I like these kinds of ideas where there’s very little to prepare, but you can do your penance for your lack of foresight by making up for it later! However, you’ll need a video camera, ideally a tripod, and some video editing software you’re familiar with…

Basically, choose a Bible passage which has around the same number of verses as students in your class. The best way is to browse the daily Gospel readings at the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. You can just randomly click on a date on the calendar there until you find one that suits you.

Then, you begin your lesson first by reading the passage out loud to your students, then you assign a verse to each student and have them memorize their verse. After they’ve memorized their verse, you can practice by going around the class and having each one recite their verse in turn.

Finally, you set up the video camera and you have each student sit in front of the camera and recite their verse.

This whole process should take up the whole hour, if not longer, but kids are quite attentive when they know they’re going to be on film, and they’re usually quite professional about being “quiet on the set” while you’re shooting.

Now you’ll have to go away and cut the footage together, like I did in the video above…!

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