Pre-Cursillo Gathering for Men’s #40

IMG_4349This is serious.

Fr. Eugene prepared a booklet with a program for three pre-Cursillo gatherings, plus the order for a Rite of Sending to Cursillo, all of which we are to do with our candidates before the actual retreat weekend. I already gave Fr. Gerry the Rite of Sending text, and he will do it on Thursday afternoon when the candidates gather at church before being driven to the retreat center, and I received permission to combine the three pre-Cursillo gatherings into one, which I decided to do tonight after dinner with the guys.

With my wife and children at their cousin’s for the evening, I had the whole house to myself, and I cooked a gigantic dinner and served wine, and we all enjoyed a great meal, after which we got down to business.

Some Bible readings, some reflection, discussion, some learning (about the background of the Cursillo movement and its purpose), and a prayer later, and we’re all excited and ready for next week! Thank you for all your support, preparation, and hard work, and please continue to pray for our candidates, Albert Lee, Eugene Moon, Raymond Yoo, Will Myung, and Max Park (all of whom are in my youth ministry core team), as they begin the process of joining our family of Cursillistas!

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