San Fernando Pastoral Region

Map-SFPRI’m finding out new things every day, discovering a world of support out there – it’s miraculous!

It was while researching Vacation Bible Schools for my children, and being interested in sending them to the one at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, because it’s close to my house, that I tried to get in touch with their DRE (Director of Religious Education), someone named Dana Couso. But I didn’t hear back for the longest time, and almost gave up.

But then, from somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I remembered (or more likely, the Holy Spirit reminded me) that I’d seen that name somewhere before, in emails that came from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, I don’t know why – maybe I signed up for those emails, or maybe St. Joseph’s DRE did on my behalf – and I was right! It was the same name!

So I wrote to Dana at that email address, at the San Fernando Pastoral Region, and it turns out that she hasn’t been DRE at OLPH for a while, but she’s now the regional coordinator of my region! And they hold monthly meetings there for PCL’s!

I had no idea what a PCL was, so I looked it up (it’s Parish Catechetical Leader), and I didn’t know if I was one, so I asked our DRE (apparently I am). So this morning, I went along to the meeting to meet Dana and other leaders from other parishes, and it was amazing! What a wonderful support group to have, and what a great resource we (and Dana in particular) are going to turn out to be for each other!

Sadly, I had to leave after only an hour to see my daughter’s class play (missing what promised to be a hearty brunch), but now I can’t wait until the next meeting, which isn’t until September!

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