St. Joseph Summer Camp 2016

Just like last year, the youth ministry core team was put in charge of our summer camp, and so I again had this strange feeling not only of freedom, but also a kind of letting go, as the welfare of our church’s youth was entrusted to our counselors, and especially this year’s Retreat Leader Albert Lee.

I had the opportunity to spend one afternoon and evening at Paradise Springs at Big Rock Creek, watching the teams take part in crazy competitions in the rain, then celebrate mass with them and Fr. Mark in the blazing sun, then enjoy a great dinner in the humidity, then watch hilarious skits in the fading light, and finally gather around the camp fire in the cool night. We ended by praying and singing the Lord’s Prayer, which I captured on my phone as everyone stood arm in arm in a circle and I circled around them, filming each young person’s happy and fulfilled and blessed face.

Then I left them to their own devices as I drove back home in the dead of night.

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