Stations of the Cross 1

Stations CollageThis Palm Sunday, the Confirmation students and I had a very special Stations of the Cross using art that they themselves painted.

For the past two weeks, Youth Leader and resident artist Eugene Moon supervised the students’ painting of each of the 14 Stations, guiding them on both technique and content, but leaving each student free to paint in their own styles. Some students paired up, and some painted alone, but the result was fourteen beautiful pieces of artwork.

So today, we set up a sort of shrine with candles and a stand, and we proceeded through the Stations of the Cross in a darkened room, propping up each painting as we listened to Jesus’ journey up the difficult path to his crucifixion, and reflected upon each moment.

Thank you to Eugene Moon, also to Will Myung who provided the music today (playing guitar for over an hour!), and finally to the students for their work, their artistic spirit, and their faithfulness on this journey called life!

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