Sung Sam One Day Confirmation Retreat

It is utterly moving, and an amazing blessing, that when you ask confirmed high school students if they want to volunteer to serve at a One Day Confirmation Retreat at a church other than our own, so many answer the call.

It is a precious lesson when these teenagers who were only recently confirmed themselves, are already on such a good path on their faith journey, that they make examples of themselves as members of the community who give of their gifts.

It is an inspiration to me, when leaders present and future from our parish step forward to be a part of our praise team, or small group leaders, or in one case contacts me late one evening to ask if she could give the witness talk that was originally assigned to other, perhaps less enthusiastic speakers.

Eleven of us from St. Joseph took the trip to Sung Sam (many of us had had the pleasure of attending a retreat together before) to provide a one day confirmation retreat for eight of their candidates (plus one student already confirmed but who wanted to be a part of the day). A special thanks to our speakers Albert, Will and Lauren, our prayer guru Eugene, our praise team and small group leaders, to Sung Sam Confirmation Director Sophia Kwak-Lee for inviting us, Sung Sam youth minister Yoojin Lee for helping out, and to Fr. Gregorio Yang and Fr. Joe Kim for welcoming us into this family!

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