Three Sisters 2

It crossed my mind today that my life at my parish can be divided into three eras, each corresponding to one Sister. My early life there was overseen by Sr. Gemma, who taught me RCIA leading to my baptism (pictured). She was also present for the Sacrament of Matrimony with my wife, and the Baptism of our first child.

The second stage was overseen by Sr. Josepha, who saw me through the Cursillo weekend and even came to the closing ceremony (pictured), and subsequently taught me how to serve at the altar as I followed through on my vow to attend Thursday morning mass on top of my weekly Sunday mass. She was present for the Baptism of my second child.

The third stage was overseen by Sr. Mary Agnes, who witnessed my taking on greater leadership roles, and was often present during my weekly lunch dates with Fr. Gerry, and always listened to my crazy ideas for our parish with an open and loving heart. Here she is, pictured with me and my high school students today. Sr. Mary Agnes leaves our church this week to go back to Korea, and I will miss her very much.

I wonder what God has in store for the next stage of my faith life and the life of our parish with the next Sister…?

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2 thoughts on “Three Sisters

  • franciskim Post author

    Response from Sr. Mary Agnes:

    + 찬미 예수님,

    사랑하올 프란치스 선생님,

    선생님의 삶에서 만난 저희 수녀들과의 만남을 아름다운 추억으로 올려 주셔서 감사드립니다. 하느님 안에서의 만남은 우리가 예견하지 않았지만 이루어졌고 그 안에서 우리는 의미를 찾고 사랑을 만날 수 있었기에 행복합니다.

    그렇듯 저도 선생님의 성실하심, 자녀들과의 멋진 연주, 목요일 미사 복사 등 좋은 기억으로 한국으로 돌아갑니다.

    다음에 만날 수녀님도 선생님과 좋은 인연이 될 것입니다. 부디 건강하시고 가정에, 그리고 선생님께 주님의 축복 가득하길 기원합니다. 안녕히 계십시오.

    메리 액네스 수녀입니다.