A Late Valentine’s: Women’s #40 Cursillo Weekend 1

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I was recently thinking about how blessed I am, to always be in the right place at the right time. Being on the “Study Team” for the recent Men’s Cursillo, I was able to be with some candidates during some of the more moving parts of the retreat. And as a fringe member of the “Music Team”, not only do I always get to sit down (being a cellist!) but I also often get to sit in that privileged position, at the front, facing the congregation.

And so it was this Women’s Weekend, where I was able to look into the faces of sisters and friends old and new, volunteers and candidates alike, during mass. I was so moved, looking into their tired but glowing faces. Some I had never seen so exhausted. Some were as focused as ever. Some were helplessly emotional. All were beautiful.

And actually something big also happened to me this weekend.

You see, I was always the star of my own life. It’s always been about my faith, my church, my community, my youth ministry. I’m so arrogant and selfish and too often the centre of attention. I’m a control freak. always trying to be all-seeing and all-knowing. But during an intense prayer session for these Cursillo candidates, I learned finally how to be a supporting act, how to be one of the crowd, tapping into the power of prayer while the important stuff happened elsewhere, to someone else, to these ladies at the retreat.

And even though I wasn’t with them, I knew they were in good hands. In Jesus’ hands.

[adapted from a letter I wrote to the volunteers and candidates]

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One thought on “A Late Valentine’s: Women’s #40 Cursillo Weekend

  • Angela

    Thank you for sharing your reflection. Your presence was such a blessing to all of us and you helped us so much throughout the weekend. Thank you for your prayers, support and love for all of us. God bless you and De Colores!