Youth Faith Formation 11: FIAT Korean Catholic Youth Day 1

kcyd2014 collageTwenty members of our parish, students, youth leaders, and chaperones, attended Korean Catholic Youth Day 2014 at Servite High School in Anaheim yesterday.

In our Youth Faith Formation class today, those who attended shared their experiences and their feelings with those who weren’t able to make it, we gave thanks for such an amazing opportunity to grow our faith, and we resolved to seek out more opportunities, not only to attend events, but to develop our personal relationship with God.

Our group mentioned enjoying the speakers (especially Fr. Steve and Robin Joo), the amazing musical performances (Paul J. Kim was a highlight, as well as all the singers, instrumentalists, and the final, explosively energetic set!), and the food…!

Personally for me, three things stood out from the day.

The first was the opportunity to tackle some of the theology. As young Catholics, we have many questions, but sometimes not enough opportunity to be given satisfactory answers. When we have academic questions, there is no shortage of teachers who can lead us to the answers. But in our faith, it is not every day that we can be spoken to by specialists, and that’s what the priests and seminarians are: specialists.

The second was the privilege of experiencing the Eucharistic Adoration. Yes, the young Catholics mentioned how almost impossible it was to stay kneeling for over an hour, and how impressed they were at the priests for maintaining their posture (well, they’re pros!) but again, it is not often that we have the opportunity to enact what the Gloria reminds us at each mass to do: to “adore You.” We praise God, we bless God, we often give thanks and even glorify God, but adoration is a very specific feeling and action. The beautiful music, and Fr. Alex’s soft voice really helped us to take this moment to give our prayers and make a deep connection with God.

Finally, what stood out was how charismatic, smart, inspiring and talented our young Korean American seminarians are, and I couldn’t help thinking about the future of our Korean American Catholic community, and how we are in very good hands. Looking at those young and beautiful faces, I couldn’t help feeling proud to know them, and so grateful that in this day and age, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to live a devout life, we have these pillars in our community who lead by example.

Truly, we are grateful to God.

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