St. Joseph Winter Retreat 2016 1

For the past two years, we’ve had our Confirmation Retreats between Christmas and the new year. This year being one of those interregnum years without a Confirmation Course, we decided not only to have a retreat anyway at the usual time, but also to invite participants from outside our church. Two things happened. The first is that fewer students than expected came from our church, as many considered that it was not compulsory (it WILL be next year!) – the second thing that happened is that this became the first joint retreat with youth from St. Joseph and from Sung Sam – we hope the first of many such joint retreats!

Another new thing is that Fr. Mark very much wanted the Youth Ministry Core Team to step up their responsibilities, so I took a back seat and Albert Lee was Retreat Leader. As expected, he did a great job, and my duties were consigned to oversight and giving the last talk.

The Eucharistic Adoration was a very special experience, but those who were there have already talked about it since, and we have all debriefed on the extraordinary events, so I’m not going to share specifics here – feel free to contact me if you want to know!

A very special thanks to our dearest friend Irene Kang, Youth Ministry Coordinator at KMCC, for being with us the whole retreat and playing such an important part in this new venture, and to seminarian Jihoon Kim for being our special guest and devoting his time to these very special youth.

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